8 Things To Do Before Starting A Business – Case Study

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Starting a business is exciting and at the same time scary. So you should know some things to do before starting a business. I have started lots of businesses in my life. In my experience, it is a bit driving through a heavy fog where you are only able to see a few feet in front of the windshield – you don’t know what’s up ahead until it’s upon you. However, the longer you are an entrepreneur, the better you can navigate through that fog. Starting a business is a challenging phase, while no businesses are alike. The list of things to do before starting a business is not ultimate in the list below. Because there are some things I didn’t add on the list, ones mentioned here are the most essential and overlooked by thousands of startups owners who face the failure of their businesses. With these suggestions and warnings, you can ensure your future startup doesn’t become a failed business statistic. Below are the 8 things you should consider.

Things To Do Before Starting A Business

1.Start A Business You Are Passionate About: Don’t start a business you don’t like because business is very challenging. Don’t doing something you like even if it is very challenging, your passion for it will keep you going.

2.Conduct Research And Analysis: Conducting research and analysis is one of the major things to do before starting a business. It will help you to understand the market and understand what you are going into. Misreading market demand is the reason why 42% of startups fail to survive and succeed, according to CB Insights. Without proper research and analysis, the result is often choosing the wrong business model or having none at all. Your startup may target the wrong audience and be in the dark about what’s happening in the market and its future trends

3.Have a business plan: Business plan is very important in starting any business as it helps you to set clear goals and guidelines for your business.

4.Don’t Plagiarize Ideas: Many startup owners believe that their idea is unique and forget that ignorance is not bliss in business. Even if you’ve unintentionally plagiarized someone’s patented business idea, it’s possible that you will face a lawsuit, and there’s a high chance that you won’t win this case. Market research is vital in multiple steps of the startup-building process, and it can prevent you from facing the consequences because you used someone else’s officially registered intellectual property

5.Budgeting And Reporting: While “no market need” is the main reason for startup failure. Weak budgeting and no reporting will lead you straight to failure, so you need to develop your accounting processes from the start. Additionally, it would be best to establish proper reporting, even on the things you do by yourself.

6.Don’t Ignore Your Potential And First Customers, And Their Feedback: First customers are the most important for your startup’s survival because they prove the quality of your product or services. Their satisfaction is the basis of startup success. Customers tend to leave feedback and reviews in the case of negative experiences. Thus, if your future or first customers are not impressed with your product and its quality, and you did nothing to change that, your startup’s reputation could be ruined right from the start

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7.Don’t quit your job too soon: Did you read that clear? Business takes time to grow, so don’t quit your job immediately you start your own business. You should read things to know before starting a business it will give you clear picture of why you shouldn’t quit your job immediately.

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8.Marketing And Advertising: A business without customers is a hobby because only customers bring profit. Your startup may be the best business that has ever come into this world, but there’s a high chance it won’t survive if people don’t know about it and its value.



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