Skills to acquire: 7 skills that will make you rich

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Today you will learn skills to acquire that will make you rich. Have you ever heard of money is little bit of a problem? You know what, lack of money is never ever a problem. What do I mean by that? Lack of money is simply a symptom of the problem but is not the cause of the problem. What the problem really is, is lack of skill. Have you ever heard stories of lottery winners who suddenly have a win for money coming into their life, millions and millions of dollars and only found them self a few years later broke, bankrupt. Actually sometimes worse of when they were financially. Now why is that? They have money but they don’t have the skills of the rich. I am rich not because of my money because I started with no money, I was in depth, I was hundreds of thousands dollars in depth. I am rich because of my skills. So today I’m going to teach you the 7 skills to acquire that will make your rich. The 7 skills to acquire that I believe you need to understand and master if you want to be rich. As I go through each skill I want you to ask yourself the question and comment below and rate yourself form 0 – 10, 0 being like absolutely horrible, like you suck and 10 being well class. So here we go. Below is the list of 7 skills to acquire that will make you rich

7 Skills to acquire that will make you rich

Skills to acquire #1: The ability to talk to customers persuasively.

I call this closing skill. Do you know how to close? Can you article the value of what you do to your potential client? Do you know how to ask powerful questions that can compel people to buy? Are you comfortable talking to people, strangers presenting your ideas, demonstrating your products or service? Closing skill, I believe is one of the most important skills to acquire if you want to be rich. When you are talking to customers, you are closing. When you are talking to vendors try to persuade them to give you a better term, guess what you are closing. When you are talking to your employees, you are closing. So that is skill number one.


Skills to acquire #2: The ability to speak to group.

I call that public speaking skill. Do you know the number one fear people have in life? It is not snake, and it is not even death. It is public speaking. Now why do so many people, why are they afraid of speaking to groups most of the time? It is because of they worry about if they going sound stupid or how do they look or they are afraid because they might say something wrong. All these things, when you look at great leaders. Almost all great leaders are good public speakers. One of the skills that change my life is public speaking when I joined Toastmasters International years ago because I wanted to improve my English and also reduce my accent. And I was improving myself through public speaking and I developed confident. Self-confidence through public speaking. So ask yourself, are you afraid to speak to groups? Do you know how to present your ideas to groups? Can you communicate with convention and certainty? Can you interact with your all ears? Maybe you get sweaty palms, maybe you are like me in the beginning like your face would turn peel and your knees will be locked. It is ok. Public speaking is a learnable skill. But in other to be rich public speaking is one of the most valuable skills that you must master.


Skills to acquire #3: The ability to communicate with words in print(Copywriting skill)

This is what I call persuasion in print. Copywriting, I’m not talking about being grammatically correct or though it is good to do that. I’m not talking about what you learn in school, the academic writing. I’m talking about communication. Am talking about may be it is your web page, your video, email. How do you communicate the written words? Now why is it so important? Because indeed in communication the email you send, social media post or the agreement, the contract, the landing post, your blog. A lot of that is written communication. And when you know how to communicate effectively through the written words it gives you a tremendous amount leverage. Let me give you a perfect example. Let say you create a social media post and you have decent amount of followers that gives you leverage because what you see and what you write that is seeing by hundreds, thousands or millions of people. In fact, copywriting the very first that I developed. This is the skill that changed my life. That’s how I went from losing money, not making enough money to earning $10000 a month in my early 20s. So copywriting, that is not taught in school. School taught us writing but it didn’t teach us copywriting

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Skills to acquire #4: The Ability To Communicate Clearly And Effectively with Your Team (Leadership Skill)

In other to be effective leader you must be effective communicator. Do you know what the vision is for your company? Are you communicating that with your team members? Do you communicate clear the vision to your team? Do you know how to create good culture within your association? All that is a leadership skill. Business is not a solo sport, business is a team sport. As an organization you are only as good as your team. It is very important develop leadership ability, to be able to inspire, motivate and lead your team.


Skills to acquire #5: The Ability To Manage And Organize Your Time For Maximum Results (Time Management)

I refer this as priority management because at the end of the day we all have 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You cannot actually manage time because we all have the same amount of time, however what you can manage is your priorities. What are the important things you have to focus on? What are the important things that will move you closer to your goals? The problem is school never taught us how do we manage our priorities. You are doing your home, you are taking care of your family, you are doing a bunch of different things but most people take the time slow down and look at what we do and ask ourselves, why am I doing this at all? What is the payoff of this active? We never ask ourselves those profound questions and at the end of the day priority management real is self-management. How do you manage yourself? And if every single day you can manage your time effectively and you focus on handful of things, whether two or three things that you know that if you keep doing that consistently will get you the result you want. So rich people understand and realize the value of their time that’s why they avoid what I called minimum wage activity. If someone can get the job done, costing you less than what your time is worth, we delegate the job. So that is skill number five


Skills to acquire #6:  The Ability To Read Financial Statements (Financial literacy skill)

This skill is not taught in school. In school we measure how well we do with the school card. Are you getting A’s, B’s or C but in real world, in business world we look at your financial statements. Your financial statement, they are your score card. It tells us how well you are doing financially. How you managing your money. Now you may be thinking if am asking you to be an accountant, no. But you do need to understand the language of money. Financial literacy, that’s the language of money, how money works, your balance sheet, your income statement, your cash flow statement. When you look at this statements, you just look at numbers and say oh! My God men I don’t know what is going on. Am I making enough money this year or am I having a loss this year in business or can you read between the line? What is it telling you? What’s the story? How am I managing my money? You need to understand the basis of some of this vocabulary of money like credit score, return on investment (ROI), profit and loss, capital gain, capital loss, depreciation. A lot of this words is what you have to understand. You cannot improve something you don’t measure. So financial literacy is extremely important skill you need to master if you want to be rich.

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Skills to acquire #7:  The Ability To Manage Your Own Mind (Mindset Skill)

This the most important skill of this skills. I call this the mindset skill. Frustrations, negativity, fear, envy, depression, limited believe, procrastination. How do you manage your emotions, mind? You see you can get all the other six (6) skills right and master them and if you don’t have your mindset right, it is not going to work. I have said it many times the book Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and grow rich” part of thinking is managing your mind. What are you feeding in your mind? How many times do you know exactly what you need to the do  to accomplish your goal, to achieve result? But you cannot get yourself it because of procrastination. Maybe how many times in your life do you have opportunities slip through your fingers and you cannot get yourself to step up to take action because of self-limited believe? Or what about how many times you know that other people believe in you but you don’t believe in yourself because of limiting believe? That’s all mindset skill. So those are the 7 skills that will make you rich.


Knowing others is intelligent but knowing yourself is through wisdom. Mastering others is strength but mastering yourself is through power. Thanks for reading.



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