Make $300 By Dancing – Ultimate Guide

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by dancing

Do you love to dance? Do you have the talent? If the answer is yes then this post is meant just for you. While growing up I had some friends that have talent to dance. They had this vision of Dancing for popular celebrities in our country and making a living with it. They go to events to perform and most of the time they get paid little or no money. Due to lack of sponsors these guys ended up doing some other things to make a living. Some of them went to university to study engineering. One of them that still stays in the same town with me is now working in a factory. 

7 Ideas To Make Money At Home

So with in this article i decided to show you and explain how you can make money by dancing. A lot of people that knew about this have made $20000 just by dancing for people that needs their services.

I will introduce you a to platform where you can start making money just by dancing.

Looking at the picture above. The lady charges $25 for a basic plan to make a dance video of a music for just a duration of 0-60 secs. The picture below show how much she charge for her standard plan.

Ultimate Guide – Sure Way To Earn 1 Dollar Per Day Online

In her standard plan ahe charges $80 to make a video of 1min to 3min duration.

This picture above shows that she charges clients $160 for 3min – 5min video. This is actually one of the best ways to make money by dancing. If you look close to the rated star icon above the image you will discover that she has completed a total of 226 jobs. If you calculate the figure based on her basic plan which she charges $25 you will discover that she have made a total of $5,650. That is 226 x 25 = 5,650. Let’s calculate it based on the standard plan where she charges $80. It will give $18,080. That is 226 x 80 = 18080 or lets calculate with the premium plan which is $160, it will give $36,160. That is 226 x 160 = 36160. Let’s assume the job order she gets varies, with the number of job orders she has completed. She has made up to $7000 – $10000.

Meaning of Practice makes Perfect

She is not the only one into dancing on this platform. Below are the pictures of different people that are doing the same thing.

Let me show the clear view of what the african lady above does. Check the picture below.

This lady above charges $10 per video. She does Africa funny video dances. And he has only one plan unlike others that have different plans. She has completed a total of 30 jobs. Since she charges $10 that means she has earned $300.

About Her This Gig

Hello Buyers,

You are welcome to Fun_Lay  gigs! I’m a professional in the field of cinematography with over 23 years work experience as an actress, comedian television and radio presenter in different media organization across the globe!

I speak over 10 different languages: English, Pigin English, Yoruba, french, Latin, Arabic and Spanish So what are you waiting for:-

How to overcome pride – 5 Tips

 • Place your order and get 100% satisfactions

 • Fast delivery is guaranteed.

100% refundable if you are not satisfy

Requirements For You To Start Making Money By Dancing

1.Ability to dance

2. Camera or smartphone with good camera.

3. Computer to edit your videos or even smartphone. There are free video editing apps for smartphones.

4. Willingness to work hard.

How To Start

How To Start

The platform where these people are making this money is fiverr. Click to HERE registered and comeback and watch the simple video below to learn how to set your gig

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  1. My kid brother actually love doing this. He is really good in dancing. He will be glad to get this information. I pray he makes a living with it

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