Meaning of Practice makes Perfect

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  • Brief introduction
  • Meaning of practice makes perfect
  • Three things you need to know about practice.


In this article you will understand the meaning of practice makes perfect.  Before we go to the meaning of practice makes perfect let’s try and understand the meaning of practice and why practice makes perfect.

Practice is the act of doing something regularly to improve your skill of doing it. Whether is playing sports, instrument or learning a new language. Practice can make you excellent in it. Practice needs time and patience, as doing something repeatedly is not making it easier, it is just changing your brain on it. If you want to do something perfectly you have to do it over and over again. There is a myth about highly talented people-it’s that they are simply born that way. The truth is that no people reach their potential unless they are willing to practice their way there.

Meaning Of Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. The proverbs helps us a lot and guide us how one should lead their lives. Practice makes perfect is the phrase that teaches us that we can be a master of anything by practice. No man has come wise on the first day. You need a lot of practice to master something. Only practice makes man perfect. We may face failures at the beginning. But, giving up would not be the right decision. We need patience. Practice with patience will lead you to top levels than expected. The best example for practice makes perfect would be Cristiano Ronaldo. The success in his life did not happen in a day. He made it with his hard work, and continues practice. Cristiano Ronaldo trains 5 days of the week 3 – 4 hours, which helps him keep his body fat percentage low. He even supplements that with several sessions of cardio. Despite that fact that he is old, he is still in good form. So, it is always wise to remember that the haste makes waste and slow and steady always wins the race. Hence we should always remember that “Practice Makes Perfect”

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Three things you need to know about practice.

  1. Practice Enables Development.

Do you want to grow or develop a new skill or existing skill? The only way to do it is through practice. Nobody gets better by doing nothing. Michael Jackson said he used to fast on Sundays & dance, putting on dance music (not usually his own). In these sessions, he perfected moves till he never had to think about it again, created new innovative moves, which he later incorporated into his various routines & practiced old ones. One of Michael choreographers that worked with him on the Smooth Criminal short film said that Michael would spend hours in front of the mirror, practicing every move hundreds of times. If you desire to improve and develop your skills then you must practice.

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  1. Practice Leads To Discovery

Nobody is born knowing what he or she is good at. We all are born with some confusion of what we actually pose. We get to discover our talents by practicing different things.


  1. Practice Demands Discipline

The major reason why people see practice as grind is that it requires discipline. Even activities with intense physical demands also requires a lot of mental discipline


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