7 Ideas To Make Money At Home

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Brief Introduction:

Internet has made it easy form to stay at home and make money. There are plenty ideas to make money at home. So here I am to discuss with you few legit and realistic ideas to make money at home. You can make money laying g on your bed, sitting on your couch.

This idea I’m going to give you is online money making ideas because you will be making use of internet connections do the work. Making money have never been easy. So I’m not promising you that this work is going to be easy. You should be ready to work hard in other to get what you want. Now lets get started on ideas to make money at home.

7 ideas to make money at home.

  1. Become a Freelancer
  2. Become Online Tutor
  3. Open a site (blogging)
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Sell Courses Online
  6. Start a Youtube Channel
  7. Online Surveys

Become a Freelancer

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. The number of assignments or tasks that you can take just boils down to your ability to deliver on them as asked from client. It is actually one of the great ideas to make money at home as you have choice of task to undertake.

Freelancing is a contract-based profession where instead of being recruited in an organisation, the person uses his skills and experience to provide services to a number of clients.

Freelancing usually involves jobs (called gigs) that allow you to work-from-home situations. But don’t associate freelancing as the same as having a work-from-home job.

Freelancing doesn’t always mean that you’ll work from home. You might have to work at your client’s office too depending upon the type of work and the client’s requirements.

A work from home job involves a contract between you and a single employer who gives you a salary while freelancing doesn’t.

It is just that many of the jobs that freelancers perform can be delivered over the Internet without their presence at the company or clients place.

Who Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a self-employed person who earns money by providing services to multiple clients. These services relate to the person’s skills and are not necessarily provided to just businesses.

Popular freelancing occupations

Clients are looking for successful freelancers to solve their problems across almost every industry, job, and skill set. Regardless of your occupation, a client is looking for a freelancer like you to solve their problem. Below are some of the most popular freelancing jobs in 2022:

#1. Software developer

#2. Writer

#3. Digital marketer

#4. Web/mobile developer

#5. Graphic designer

Millions of businesses use Upwork’s work marketplace to find talented freelancers based on over 5,000 skills and 100+ categories of work. Over 10,000 freelance opportunities are posted on Upwork each day.

How To Become A Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is just as easy as ordering something over the Internet. You visit sites that offer freelance jobs and tasks and take them on. This is a wonderful way of starting out and getting your name out there.

Here are a few sites that you can try for freelancing jobs:

#1. Fiverr

#2. Toptal

#3. 99Designs

#4. Designhill

#5. Freelancer.com

#6. Guru

And many more

Requirements To Become A Freelancer

To become a freelancer, you need three things.




You can learn some skills like;

#1. Content writing

#2. Web designing

#3. Graphic designing

#4. Sales funnel designing

#5. Editing

#6. Video editing

#7. Project management

#8. Email marketing

#9. Virtual assistance

#10. Copywriting

#11. Proofreading

#12. Digital marketing

#13. Social media management etc.

There are even some freelancing jobs that don’t require skills in fiverr. A job like commenting on a blog post, web analysis etc. there are free resources available on YouTube, coursera, etc to get started. Major reason why many don’t benefit from free courses is that they don’t take it seriously; thereby many do not apply what they learn. This is because they didn’t pay for it.

4brand Commercial

4brand Commercial is a great platform for anyone who wants to start freelancing in graphic design, Logo Design, intro video logo It offers all the design tools you need in one place. With the help of their thousands of same logos you can create logo and any other design for your client with easy. It is software many successful freelancers are using to advance their business. 4brand comes with a price, it is not free. You should get 4brand for your business if you are goal getter.

Steps To start Freelancing

As for freelancing business, follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way.

1* Set Your Freelancing Goals

Before you start freelancing, it’s important to set your goals. What do you want to achieve with your freelance business? Do you want to make a full-time or supplemental income?

Setting your goals will help you determine your freelance strategy, which includes:

  • Services to offer.
  • How much to charge?
  • Who are your target clients?
  • How to find clients and at what pace.

And more. Take some time to figure out what you want to achieve with your freelance business. Once you have that figured out, you can move on to the next step. Remember that your goals may change over time as you gain more experience.

2* Know Your Skills And Niche Down Your Services

The next step is to take inventory of your skills and determine your niche. What freelance services can you offer that will help you achieve your goals?

For example, if you want to freelance full-time and make a living, you’ll need to provide more high-cost services. Your services also depend on your expertise and interest. And you can see what you can do fast with 4brand

10 Habits Of Successful People

And more. You can target people and companies from any online industry:

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Website development
  • Link building
  • Guest posts
  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Running ads
  • Creating ebooks

If you want to start freelancing with 4brand, the step is very simple but it doesn’t actually come just free but the cost is pretty low comparing to how much you will make with it. The first step is to make a purchase and login to your account and start creating your designs. You will be given tutorial videos on how to get started. So you have nothing to worry about.

3* Define Your Ideal Clients

Now is the time to determine who your ideal clients are. This will help you create better marketing materials and know where to find your freelancing clients.

Create a persona of your ideal client by answering these questions:

  • What pain points do your clients have that you can help with using 4brand?
  • Where they hang out and post the relevant jobs.(You can register for fiverr and create your gig to start getting job orders)
  • What is their budget for your services?
  • What type of businesses or individuals needs my services?

Imagination Is Everything – The Power To Change Your World

And more. For example, you want to offer Logo making services to small businesses. So, your ideal clients will be those who need different kinds of Logo and have the budget to pay for your services.

You can find these clients by hanging out in relevant Facebook groups, subscribing to relevant subreddits, or following relevant Twitter hashtags. Also, try searching for job postings on Upwork, Fiverr, and more. Once you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is, you can move on to the next step.

4* Make a Portfolio to Showcase the Best Work

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with 4brand, it’s time to start creating a freelancing portfolio. Showcase the best work that you’ve created using the platform.

This will help potential clients see what you’re capable of and give them an idea of your style. You can share your videos and other pieces of artwork on your portfolio website or blog. Or you can pack them together in a PDF file and send them to your potential clients.

Here are a few tips to make a freelancing portfolio that stands out:

  • Include a professional case study that highlights your work process and results.
  • Add a video that shows you talking about your design philosophy or approach.
  • Create a PDF portfolio that’s easy to download and share.
  • And make sure to update your portfolio regularly with your latest and greatest work.

It will show potential clients that you’re active and always improving.

6* Start Grabbing Clients & Making money

You have created the best work using 4brand and gathered it in your portfolio. Now it’s time to start finding clients and making money from your freelancing services.

You can find your ideal clients by hanging out in relevant LinkedIn or Facebook groups, subreddits, or Twitter hashtags. You can also search for job postings on Upwork, Fiverr, or even Google.

Also, you can go to people you know, networking events, and local businesses to find potential clients. Start by pitching your services to them and see if they’re interested.

Finally, start marketing your freelancing business. Create a blog and write articles about the services you offer. Share your videos and images on social media and in relevant online communities.

Tailor Brand

Tailor brand provides all the tools you need to start your business and look professional, in one place. Tailor brand is good platform to create a best blog for you or any other kind of website or business. Just contact their customer care and they will help you out..


Become Online Tutor

Online tutoring is a very profitable and easier way of teaching than the other traditional way. It is no surprise that the use and availability of internet services accompanied by advancements in technological inventions have made online tutoring very powerful and popular. Teaching online is one the great ideas to make money at home. Parents tend to show greater inclination and liking towards online tutoring for their children. The major benefits they claim to derive out of online teaching are:

#1. Fewer distractions

#2. Comfortable and private learning

#3. Choose tutors according to your child’s requirements

#4. Greater attention and focus on certain untouched areas of studies (one on one tutoring)

#5. Excellent forum for asking questions

#6. Less consumption of time and effort

Apart from parents paying for their kids to learn in some online platforms, many students pay for class online. And some non English countries pay to learn how to speak English in some of these online teaching platforms. Platform like cambly non English speaking students pay here to learn how to speak good English. Let me share my first experience in cambly with you. The day I registered as a student I was given free 10 minutes to communicate. The tutor I was merged to only discussed about a concert that will be held in Dubia next year. He asked me some questions like if I have been to a music concert before and about my favorite local artiste. So in cambly some actually pay to meet tutor they can just converse with and improve their English.

Online platforms to make money as a Tutor

#1. Cambly

#2. Classgap

#3. Preply

#4. Tutor


#6. MyTutor

Open a site (blogging)

Create a website and monetize it with google adsense and many other Ad services, sell your courses and it will also help in your affiliate marketing. According to google there three types of websites that earn most money with google adsense. They are:

  1. Blogs
  2. Forum sites
  3. Free online tool sites


  1. Blogs

Blog is a sites where one can share ideas to people. So if you have ideas on what you want to share to people. You can create a blog, write and share posts to social platforms and get audience into you site. Monetize it with google adsense or ezoic.

  1. Forum sites.

Most people don’t see blogs as a better place to share their ideas so they go to forum sites to share their ideas. Eg of forum sites is quora and warriorforum. In quora you can create space and as your space grow you can monetize it.

  1. Free Online Tool Sites

There are some sites that don’t write articles. The only thing they do is to share tools that will help people. For example www.imgbb.com is website that you can visit and upload any kind of image and get link and share. Another tool website is H-Supertools


Affiliate Marketing

Now you might be asking what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is actually a great ideas to make money at home

How those it work?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate (you that is promoting their product) earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. There are many website you can go and register and start making money. Examples are




Sell Courses Online

You can create courses and sell them online. In a website like udemy.com thousands of students around the globe visited the site every month to purchase courses. So you can buy camera, computer and create and quality courses on any topic you know very well and sell it on udemy or on your own website.

Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is not simply a website but also a search engine. Millions of people visit Youtube every day. So create Youtube account and start uploading your content. I know that there is a lot competition out there but start your own and do some in-depth research on how to promote your own content.

 Online Surveys

Online survey is a data collection sources where a set of survey questions is sent out to a target sample. And the members of this sample can respond to the questions. There are many websites that one can register and start answering some survey questions, and the website will reward you for every of your finished task. Some of this websites are Swagbucks,Timebucks, Lifepoints. Don’t ever spend any money on survey sites. Genuine survey sites do not want your money, but they want your opinion. So if a survey site is asking for money, then it is probably not genuine. The earnings from survey are not high and if a site is promising you $15 more per survey, then I seriously doubt its legitimacy.

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