How to overcome pride – 5 Tips

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Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • Effect of pride
  • How to overcome pride


Before we start discussing how to overcome pride. Let’s start by understanding what pride is and the negative effects. Pride is lofty, arrogant and excessive view of one’s self, abilities and achievements. Pride distorts, divides and destroys. It is works like a virus and it spreads to every area of our lives. And like an infection, the longer it stays in our hearts, the greater the damage it does. So the more aware we are of it works and the more we understand how it affects us the more affective our fight against it will be. There are 4 things pride does to us.

4 Negative effects Of Pride

  1. Pride Puts Us In A Negative State

The moment we allow pride in our heart, it quickly puts us in a negative state. In this state our perception gets distorted. We start to see and interpret the world from a perspective of negativity. And the longer pride stays in our heart, the more negative we become as a person. Pride will eventually drain gratitude from our heart and slowly we can start losing ability to see and appreciate the blessings around us. Without gratitude we become too critical & faultfinding. And this starts cycle of negativity in our life will eventually lead us losing our joy and our peace.

  1. Pride Makes Us Self-Centered

As negativity increases, pride continues its works and transforms us to self-centered. We begin overvaluing ourselves & undervaluing everybody else. With the rise of self-centeredness and self value, the standard we place in other people starts to rise to an extreme. It will reach a point that no one is ever good enough for us and everybody falls short of high standard. Our spouse, kids, other family members, people who will work with, our friends, none of them will be able to live up to that standard. This high standard produces unrealistic expectations on everyone and everything. And it will lead us in constant disappointment.

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  1. Pride Affects Our Senses

Pride targets and affects our senses so that it won’t be able to function properly. Pride affects our eyes. It causes us to have hawk eye vision on other people faults but we become blind bat to our own fault and mistakes. Pride affects our ears, it gives us a selective hearing problems. It automatically rejects any form of advice, correction and criticism that doesn’t agree to our decisions, ideas or opinions. And we also take them as threat. When this happen, our defense system goes up. Pride us affects our sense of feeling. Making us unable to sympathize, empathize with other people. It prioritizes the protections of our own feelings with no regard to its effects on other people. It hardens our heart to the point that it cannot love. Pride us affects our mind. All that negativity puts our mind into survival mode and it becomes very defensive, it is in high alert, it takes offense, and it is extremely resentful. It starts to see things in black and white, either you are for me or against me. In this mode, our mind becomes prone to wrong judgment.


  1. Pride Hinders Our Growth.

Growth stops the moment pride begins. Pride and growth are in two opposite side of a seesaw. When pride rises, growth & learning falls. While those growth stops? Well lets compare the learning ability of a humble person to that of a proud person. A humble person has one game changing advantage I learning over a proud person. The humble person has many teachers. Unlike the proud person whose learning is limited to experts and to the very few that he considers to be above himself. The humble person on the other hand can learn from anyone, this makes a humble person a greater learner than the proud person. A humble person can also accept correction and criticism from any one which is a big part of growth & maturity. A proud person can only accept a limited amount of correction from someone that he considers superior and almost zero amount of correction or criticism from anybody else. This advantage makes a humble person a better learner. And when there is much learning, there is much growth.

How To Overcome Pride

How To Overcome Pride #1: Acknowledge Your Pridefulness

I believe that this is one of the major way of dealing with pride. It is only when you acknowledge something to be bad or have negative effects that you can start looking for solution.

How To Overcome Pride #2: Don’t Compare or Compete

The major cause of pride is comparison and competition. So don’t compare yourself, your achievements & success with others people. Focus on achieving your goals than trying to be better than others.

How To Overcome Pride #3: Learn How To Listen

A proud person often acts as he knows it all. Learning how to be calm and listen to other will help you overcome pride

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How To Overcome Pride #4: Ask Questions

Asking questions is very difficult for a proud person even when they know fully well that they don’t know it. So you can overcome pride by admitting that you don’t know all the answers and be okay to ask questions

How To Overcome Pride #5: Acknowledge Others

If someone is good in doing something better than you. Accept the fact and try to improve yourself instead of being resentful




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