11 Tips On How To Memorize Things faster

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We learn a lot of things in our lives but we don’t know everything because we forget a lot of information. So we have been getting a lot of questions from students asking how to memorize things faster. Many complain that they learn something but cannot remember it the next moment. Basically, how to learn things faster and effectively at the same time remember it for long? The truth is that not everyone finds all the subjects in our syllables interesting. Some of us like math but there are many others who dislike it. Some of these subjects require you to memorize mass amount of information.  So below is how to memorize things faster and remember them.


How To Memorize Things faster

1. Try To Understand What You learn

You properly know the feeling when you are learning something but you don’t understand the information. Usually such learning turns into a nightmare because it looks like learning a poem that has no rhyme. Another bad thing about learning something you don’t understand is that if you forget some part of it you will not be able to continue. Because you have only memorized the other of words not the actual meaning. That’s why we don’t recommend doing it this way. What you should do is read the entire piece of information and figure out what the many point or points are.  If you still don’t understand the material, spend more time on understanding it before trying to memorize it.

2. Identify Necessary Part

If you feel like you have too much on your desk, set your priority correctly. Decide what you have to know and what you can do without. After that focus on the key part of what you need to memorize. It is not everything that you will have to memorize. While studying, in a chapter you have to highlight the important points. So identifying is a major step.

3. Connect it with things already in existence.

Connecting information you want to memorize to something you already know will help you memorize faster. There are actually two techniques of memorizing things. One is by verbal techniques and visual techniques. The verbal learning techniques is the waking use of words and sounds. Some of the examples are acronyms: ASAP – As Soon As Possible. Words Associations: Continent: Asia, Africa, Antartica, Europe, Australia, North America, South America. Rhymes, Songs And Repetition. Visual learning techniques is picturizing whatever you are learning in a logical way. Associating things in a sequence to make it easy to remember. Relate things to some objects or events to remember it.

4. Memorize in Chucks

It is difficult to memorize long big answers or to remember important dates in history subjects etc. If you want to memorize a large amount of materials, don’t worry. First thing you should do is to break it down into separate chunks and number them. Next thing is to read the first section and understand the meaning and by hearted. Once you have memorized the first section, go to the second section and so on.

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5. Read it out loud

If you want to memorize anything very fast then read the information out loud. Reading things out loud do help to improve memory. And it will help you remember easily compare to reading silently. This practice of reading out loud will help you build your focus, improve your vocabulary and improve listening and reading skills.

6. The Mirror Technique

After learning any information just stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself in the eyes confidently and start explaining what you have learnt. Repeat the information 2 or more times until it is super clear and without any mistakes.

7. Write it down

Additionally after reading out load, it is time to test yourself. Start writing it down from your memory. Writing things down helps in higher level of thinking and boosting your memory power

8. Change Your Way Of Learning

If memorizing the concept is taking too much of time then change your way of learning.

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9. Meditate

Meditate to improve your concentration and memory power. It makes us focus and clear. It worth spending 15 minutes of your day on meditation. This is one of the best way on how to memorize things faster.

10. Revision

We are loading our brain with a lot of information which at times will be difficult for us to retain. So frequent revision will help us restore everything we have studied.

11. Don’t Overdo

Don’t overdo things and keep everything for the last minutes. The thought itself will give you stress and pressure, and on knowing that you will get saturated. And after sometimes you will not be able to study effectively. Getting adequate sleep and giving your brain rest is equally important.



11 Tips On How To Memorize Things faster are Try To Understand What You learn, Identify Necessary Part, Connect it with things already in existence, Memorize in Chucks, Read it out loud, The Mirror Technique, Write it down, Change Your Way Of Learning, Meditate, Revision, Don’t Overdo



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