6 Tips On How To Control Urges – My life experience

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Learning how to control urges are very vital especially if you are addicted to something like porn, sex or any other habits which you don’t really feel comfortable with. I was a porn addict for 12 years of my life. I started watching porn at the age of 13 and I masturbated for those years. Initially it was fun; at least I don’t need any girl to please myself. Coupling with the advice my mother gave me when I was younger to stay away from girls as they might destroy my future.

My mother’s advice wasn’t bad one as it helps me stay focus and it wasn’t what led me to the addiction I suffered. I actually started masturbating when I saw my cousin brother doing it. Back then mobile phone wasn’t that popular but I do use my friend phone to watch and when I bought phone downloaded plenty of it to my phone and from that period it developed into a habit which I fought for many years before I could stop it.

So, I this post I decided to share the tips that helped me to stop porn, masturbation and the strategies on how to control urges. The strategies on how to control urges are six (6) in numbers but one of them is what actually helped me stop my addictions, other strategies help a lot in controlling urges but one of it was what helped me to put everything to an end.

Well, these strategies are some of the tips I found on internet when I was fighting to stop it. But before we start let’s try to understand what urges are.

What is urge?

An urge is when you have to do something right now. And when it comes to nofap, Urges are inevitable but they are totally normal. With every kind of addiction you are trying to quit, urges are very normal. But the more you try to not give in to these urges they will come less and also less intense.

By resisting urge or ignoring urges, your chance of succeeding or nofap will increase and you will have to resist if you want to stop the behavior of masturbation. Because every time you give in to an urge it may lead to something you might not have wanted. The more you can resist urge the more power it will give you which may sip in to other expect of your life. When I was fight my addictions can remember how my mood uses to change every time I finish fapping. It was a bad experience because I didn’t like doing it.

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When urge comes and if you don’t control it, it will lead to masturbation which has some side effects.

If you want to control sexual urges, you have to know what triggers you the most times, when it comes from.

Strategies On How To Control Urges

These strategies I want to share with you, I tried as much as I can to make it more helpful to you, so that you can used them. And they are also going to be very useful for any kind of other addictions you wants to stop, and trying to ignore those urges that arise with those addictions. Addictions like cigarette smoking or alcohol drinking etc.

#1. Delay

You can’t hold one thought in your mind for a very long period of time. The same goes for urge, it won’t be there for long while. No matter how strong it is, it just appears and it will go later. The intensity of an urge can just reduce itself within 10 minutes of just waiting. You will just notice your thoughts disappear. A good question you can ask yourself in such a moment is a question like: What is going to be my next thought? 

Still feeling the urge after 10 minutes? Try to find whatever that is giving you that urge and remove it from your environment. If that is not possible, take yourself out of that environment,

The first time you overcome urge will feel really empowering. So take that feeling with you to the next time you are having urge. And remind yourself that you can overcome it. So, that’s the first step on how to control urges

#2. Escape

Step two which is escape is second steps to on how to control urges. Get yourself out of the places that even give you the slightest tingling sensation down there. You are ultimately in control of where you are and what you do.

You don’t have to sit down somewhere and watch erotic movie, you don’t have to look at your computer screen with half necked people on it.

Escape whatever that is giving you that trigger. When you escape it, it will create some free space in your mind to focus on something new. The urge will disappear and you can go on with your day.

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#3. Accept

Accepting your feelings over whatever state you are in, really helps to give you peace of mind. Acceptance can bring you clarity and it can bring you control over your life. And it helps to see what is triggering for you. So, escaping can become easier, It also helps you to understand that urges are completely normal. That urges will pass and that it take time to recover.

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#4. Distract

Dirty thoughts can popup into your head and create an urge. The more you focus on those dirty thoughts, the intense the urge can get. And it might feel like the only thing for you left to do is to fap. Before you consider doing that, distract yourself.

Make a list of some things to distract yourself with that are fun to do, and make yourself do it whether you want it or not.

Starting something can be tough, I know that first step can be the hardest to take but whenever you are in the middle of activity. Looking back, you will find out that it wasn’t as bad as you were imagining it.

#5. Substitute

When are you mostly like to masturbate? Is it when you wake up in the morning or when you come back from stressful day? Try to substitute those masturbation sessions with something else you can I do. Instead of fapping away in the morning when you wake up get yourself to do some meditation instead of that or write in your journey or even go for a brief walk outside.

When you come back from wake, instead of distressing yourself by fapping away. You can just pick a book to read – lay down on a coach  and read it. You can even find yourself a very nice recipe online and cook it for yourself tonight and enjoy every nice meal. Hangout with your friends or you can get yourself to do a really walkout. All these things can your relief you of stress and your brain chemistry will really thank you for substituting masturbating to porn with something else that will be beneficial for in the long run.

You really don’t want through life being desensitized. When you are walking outside and you see the sun, it should be enjoyable. The sun rise to sun set. You should be amazed with things around you. The small things do really matter. You don’t want to be sitting there in your run think about what porn gonna watch next.

#6. Try to know your maker

This is strategy on how to control urges that helped me stop my addictions and I was to control my urges effective. See, try to know your maker is something you could just call “Trying to know God”. I tried all this strategies above but I couldn’t stop my addictions. It was when I made up my mind to serve God that I was able to stop. It didn’t happen immediately, it happened in the process of serving my God. God helped me out. Being serious with God was what happened me.

I’m a Christain but even if you are not a Christain, Seeking help in whatever God you believe in might help you. In serving God, I don’t mean one should be churchy but dedicating your mind and will to God comes with a lot of blessings. God is powerful; he can help us overcome any kind of difficulty we might face in our life.

So these were the strategies on how to control urges. Please let me know in the comment section below if there are helpful to you. And if you feel like letting others read about this please do share. Thank you.

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Side Effects of masturbations

Do you know that masturbation causes

  1. Depression for long term
  2. Low self esteem
  3. Difficulty in doing actual sex (It makes you not to last long in bed)
  4. It can make you to feel guilty in daily routine especially after doing it.
  5. It causes premature ejaculation.

Excessive Masturbation Causes

  1. Lower back pain
  2. Hair loss
  3. Hair thinning
  4. Feeling of tiredness all the day
  5. Fuzzy Vision
  6. Low Sperm count
  7. Memory weakness
  8. Low muscle mass
  9. Skin problems

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