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What were my first 3 high income skills?

First of all, back in the days I didn’t have a name for this skills set. Simply because I was trying to make a leaving and after 13 business failures and I had to stop and ask myself, “what is not working?” And I asked myself one simple question that changed my life and the question was “what is the one skill that I could develop that will free me from financial struggles and worries forever?” then I found my first mentor Alien, Alien thought me and transferred the skill of copy writing to me which I the ability to write sales copy to sell a product or service. And from that point that was my first high income skills and because of that skill am thankful to Alien that I was able to generate 10000 dollars in a month basically 6 figure income in my early twenties as a copy writer. It may not be a lot of money for some people but for me back then as young guy that is 27 years old, that 10k in a month was life changing for me. And so that point on I was working with clients and writing copy for companies and business owner. What I didn’t expect is that then later on they came to me as I was writing direct mails, sales copy and campaigns, they were asking me for feedbacks and inputs in terms of the marketing ideas and strategies. So before you know it, I begin to charge to consult with business owners.

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So my first high income skills are

  1. Copy writing
  2. Consulting

So I was consulting with business owners and some of them are the same client. They hire me to consult and later on they hire me to write copy or they actually hire me to write copy and later on ask for the consulting. So I didn’t actually have a lot of client but because they were paying me a good amount of money to do one or the other or both, I was making very good money. I added another 6 figure income as consultant to what I do. This was great, so that was my second high income skills. It was intentional, it was more of oh! client needs this service and they see the value in what I do. So I started charging money for it. After developing these two high income skills I still needs clients, I still want to continuously grow and grow my clients in days. Because what I was charging for my consulting and copy writing wasn’t cheap. I wasn’t a cheap service provider. I wasn’t competing on price. I needed a better way to sell to clients and convince them why they should hire me, and I tried all kinds of techniques but they just didn’t work for me when it comes to closing this kind of high ticket services. So I have to develop my own way of closing high ticket sales because the traditional sales methods didn’t work for me. So incidentally I developed my third high income skills, which was

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  1. High ticket closing.

So I realized that not only that I could utilize my own high ticket closing skill to close my own services and products but I can use it to close for other people and earn a commission in the process. So those skills I just mentioned are my first 3 high income skills I learnt.

One of the most common questions I get from my fans and my students is which high income skill that I should focus on when you are just getting started. You have to pick something that resonates with you. That feels true to who you are. Lets say if you are introvert and you enjoy writing, you enjoy studying marketing and you enjoy seeing offers you are fascinated about. Maybe copy writing is something you should focus on. Or if you enjoy talking to people, you enjoy connecting with people through the phone then maybe closing is your high income skill. Or you enjoy walking behind the computer, you enjoy coding and programming. Maybe programming is your high income skill. Or you enjoy building funnels, you enjoy working on the funnels then maybe funnel building is your high income skill. You have to pick something that you like, something that resonates with you. But something that you know that you don’t need a lot of clients in other to earn a significant income and then later on when you get good on it you can do what I did which is stacking on my skill sets. Nowadays I have multiple high income skills that I can use a lot. And I still use those say high income skills today to grow my companies.

How to Write Copy That Sells

If you are interested in developing your own high income skill or you are interested in learning from me my first high income skill which is copy writing you should clink on the link below and join our free training. It gives you an overview of how the copy writing industry works and what you need to do to get started if this is something you want to do.


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