Coding On Mobile Phone: 7 Apps To Learn Programming With Ease

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With the help of some apps and online compiler you can code with your mobile phone. Coding on mobile phone has some limitations which you should expect as well. You can’t compare mobile phones with laptops or desktop computers. Maybe you just picked interest in coding and you don’t have laptop yet, the good news is that you can start with coding on mobile phone till you raise money for your laptop or desktop depending on preference. Having Pc or laptops is compulsory if you really want to learn how to code otherwise you will not be able to work properly as a programmer. You will actual have rough time learning coding on mobile phone. Best way to program is to work on PC or Laptop. Using an Android phone for programming is very awkward and clumsy. The screen is too small, and the virtual keyboard is inefficient. To solve this problem you can add an external keyboard which can connect to your phone which helps you to get easy typing and another big issue in phone programming is a mobile screen. They are so small for programming. If you want to solve it there is an option. Android Tv, If you have an android TV then you can project your phone screen to TV and you can comfortable you can type.

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When you are creating softwares, deep learning models, websites, apps, you need a lot of frameworks and libraries which are not readily available on Mobile Devices. Plus the fact that it takes a lot of files, datasets and all such things. There are thousands of lines of code you have to do. Managing them on Mobile phone is not efficient. And you need a lot of symbols while coding, you need tabs (for indentation), you can’t get the speed that you get on laptop, in a mobile. Copying path on laptop, goggling a lot of things and accessing them quickly is a lot easier on laptop.

Some Apps For Coding On Mobile Phone

Below is 5 apps that you can use both android and iOS to do programming on your phone.

1) Dcoder

Dcoder is a mobile code compiler, an IDE for mobile. With this app you can do coding on mobile phone anytime and anywhere. It is the pest app for coding with mobile phones. No other app can actually compete. It offers you to write, compile, run and debug code snippets in more than 13 different programming languages including C, C++ , C#, JAVA, PYTHON, PHP, RUBY, HTML, SWIFT, KOTLIN and many more

Features Of Dcoder:

  • Rich Text Editor with Syntax highlighting.(Code Editor)
  • File Open/Save.
  • Line number, Auto indent, Autocomplete Parenthesis.
  • Multiple Language Support.
  • Undo Redo.
  • User input for languages like C, C++, Java, Php, JavaScript, Node.js, and others.
  • Active debug view for faster access to Output.
  • Custom Suggestion View.
  • Thoroughly designed Algorithm problems to improve coding Skills and make programmers industry-ready.
  • Leader Board: To know where you stand amongst the vast Dcoder community.
  • Custom Menu Drawer, Custom Code Editor Themes, Editable font Size for Editor, and much more!!

2) Sololearn

Sololearn is one of the leading apps when we talk about coding on mobile phone. It supports all the major platforms, Android, iOS, and Wed, and has a code playground where you can code. It is not just a platform to code but also contains many courses so that you learn and code at the same place and at the same time. Sololearn is the app first used when I started learning programming.

With Sololearn you can Learn to code Python, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, SQL or JavaScript. Sololearn just have a way of making coding on mobile phone easy

Learn to code for free with fun, bite-sized lessons. Choose from more than 20 programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, C#, Java, SWIFT, and C++. Each coding course is designed by expert programmers and tailored to your learning level. You even get a real code editor to practice! Whether you’re new to coding or already a developer, freshen up your programming skills and level up your career with sololearn coding academy.

Practice your coding daily with up-to-date content. 

Explore a library of learning content for coding and get help from our community when you need it.  With 40 million programming students worldwide, there’s always someone who can help you solve problems and delve into cool topics. Master algorithms and data structures, build software focused on machine learning, learn to interpret design patterns, and compete in fun coding games against other programmers.


No matter where you are on your coding journey, Sololearn has got you covered. They are the best platform to start coding on mobile phone with ease. Whether you’re a beginner trying to develop your first JavaScript app and understand how databases work, or a coding pro who wants to deepen your knowledge of Python, C#, and C++, they have the course for you. Whatever your professional goals are, use their coding academy to learn at your own pace and focus on what you want to improve.


Their programming courses break down complex concepts into short, simple lessons that take only a few minutes to complete. Once you learn the theory, you’ll get hands-on practice with real-world exercises. Are you interested in Python, JavaScript, C+, or SQL? The code editor features these programming languages and more, so you can test and practice everything you learn. Test your knowledge with quizzes in each lesson and polish your skills with daily coding practice exercises and games. And when you want to speed up your learning, you can always go PRO!


Do you have questions about Python, C++, HTML, SQL, Javascript, or another coding language? Constant community support and real-time notifications make learning to fun code possible.


Want to share your expertise and boost your portfolio? Create lessons in Python, C++, Java, and other programming languages and become a community influencer with millions of followers.


Their code editor lets you write code, run programs, and share ideas from your phone for free. You can practice in-demand coding languages in the world. Hone your coding skills in Python, Java, C+, HTML, CSS, C#, SQL, or Javascript. It is the best platform to start coding on mobile phone.


Take your first steps to become a developer or level up your career. Some Sololearners have become Cybersecurity experts, QAs, DevOps, and even started their own businesses! Earn a certificate for each course you finish, from Python or C+, to SQL or Machine Learning. Showcase your skills and share your Sololearn academy certificate on LinkedIn to uplift your career.

Sololearn makes learning to code…fun! Here are just some of the ways you can learn:

#1. Access countless coding and programming courses

#2. Learn with bite-sized lessons anywhere you are

#3. Practice with games and real-world code challenges

#4. Learn to code by running real code in they mobile code editor

#5. Stuck? Get help from they coding community and join millions of coding experts anywhere, anytime

#6. Create your first app with Objective-C and SWIFT

#7. Develop an Android app with Java and Kotlin

#8. Develop your first website with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, and JQuery

Reach your goals with Sololearn, the way to learn to coding on mobile phone.

3) Programming Hero

With your programming hero you can start coding on mobile phone, build your own game. Learn to code, do programming, coding, & play coding games.

Here, Programming Just Got Fun! 😋

Build a GAME while learning to code 🎮:

👉🏻 Quick Action: Apply programming concepts immediately after learning

👉🏻 Brag Right: Publish your code and show off your work

👉🏻 Practice Anywhere: Practice coding (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

👉🏻 Instant Help: Get your questions answered instantly

👉🏻 Smart Learning: Jump into advanced Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP, Database

You’ll MASTER 🎓:

🦸🏻 100+ coding problems, solutions & explanations

🦸🏻 Data Structures: Stack, Queue, Linked list, Dictionary, Tree, Graph

🦸 Algorithms: Binary search, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Time complexity

🦸 OOP: Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, etc.

🦸🏻 Game Development: Game development basics, pygame, build a game from scratch

🦸🏻 Database: SQL, Database, SQLite, Relational database

🦸🏻 Web Development: HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap


Coding should be fun, interactive and enjoyable.

So, they used fun teen conversations along with game-like challenges to teach programming concepts enjoyably.

Their fun visuals and real-world examples will help you to retain the programming concepts 10 times longer. They have prepared a bunch of different programming courses forming a programming hub, where you can master any language you want even if you don’t have computer yet you can still start coding on mobile phone.


Surprise points, gifts, superpower badges, & coding games will make your learning very enjoyable. You won’t just learn here, you’ll play games and learn. Their mission is to provide teens, adults and coding for kids with fun.


Their quizzes are fun. Like 3-seconds burger game, 45-seconds ice-cream game, 5-second pizza game. The’re mind blowing and guarantees boosting up of your knowledge instantly.

WEB Development 🕸️

They have the best web development course for beginners. You can learn and practice Web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript in the app itself.

APP Development 📱

They updated the app with your most-wanted app development course. Learn Java, Kotlin, & Android and develop your own Tinder app. Download now to get started…

OFFLINE Code Playground ⚽

In their web development (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript) code playground, you can build any project using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vue.js) and Bootstrap. After finishing, you’ll be able to publish the app using GitHub and share your live site with anyone.

They have a code playground to practice Python & Java too so that you can keep practicing and keep improving. 😊 WINNER 🥇 

Programming Hero is the selected coding game-based learning app for #1 programming promoting organization, They were included in the Hour of Code.

In November 2019, Programming Hero won the best Tech Code Startup Competition in Silicon Valley, California, USA.


🗝️ Space shooting game to explain Basic Programming

🗝️ Basketball game to explain Data Structure

🗝️ Get help from thousands of learners in the Forum

🗝️ Write concepts in your own words and share it with others

🗝️ Mark any content for future revision (bookmark)

🗝️ Interactive coding challenges and coding games

🗝️ Win daily reward for daily learning habit

🗝️ Volunteer opportunity to get real-world experience 

🗝️ And a lot more…

Learn solo or together, your choice. They have everything for you

Enjoy app on yout phone, learn to program, and get closer to your dream just by coding on mobile phone.


They deployed a few highly trained coffee-sucking developers and content creators to add more fun content for you.

⏳Web Development (Advanced JavaScript, Bootstrap & React, Django)

⏳Machine Learning and data structure

Along with that, soon they will support other languages like C, C++.

So, join Programming Hero community today. Download the app to get started coding on mobile phone…

4. Programming Hub

Programming Hub another great app to start coding on mobile phone. It is Coding & programming app to learn HTML, Python, Javascript, C, Cpp, Csharp, Java

It is also a Coding and programming app to learn to code with HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, CSS, etc. for free with a one-stop app – “Programming Hub: Learn to code, coding on mobile phone made ease”

This coding and programming app is created using research and in collaboration with Google experts and offers a perfect path to learn programming. You will learn to code like an expert, and also enjoy it like a game. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s fun! Great way to learn coding on mobile phone.

✅ Google Play’s Editor’s Choice

✅ Google Play’s “Best of the Best” of 2017!

✅ Recognized and backed by Google launchpad accelerator

✅ No Ads 

With a huge collection of 5000+ programs (code examples), 20+ courses and the fastest compiler in the world, all your programming needs are bundled in a single app for your daily practice with this you can never get bord coding on mobile phone.

What all programming languages you can learn with this coding tutor app?

#1. Learn Java – Java is an object-oriented, general purpose, high-level programming language. Today Java is being used to develop a range of software like web applications, J2ME Apps, Embedded Space, Android, Big Data analytics, etc.

#2. Learn C Programming – C programming is a powerful general-purpose language. If you are new to programming then C Programming is the best language to start your programming journey.

#3. Learn C++ – C++ is used nearly everywhere for everything from systems programming, numerical and scientific computing, web development, writing compilers, console games, desktop applications and so on.

#4. Learn HTML – HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. HTML is most commonly used as the format for online documents i.e web pages. 

#5. Learn Javascript – JavaScript is a web programming language that is run by most browsers. With Programming Hub, you can find Javascript tutorials to become a Javascript expert.

#6. Learn R Programming: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation, and reporting.

Here are other reasons why you should choose Programming Hub as a single app for your coding on mobile phone learning. With the “Programming Hub: Coding on mobile phone made easy app, you can –

#1. Learn CSS

#2. Learn

#3. Learn C# (C Sharp)

#4. Learn Python 2.7

#5. Learn Python 3

#6. Learn Linux Shell Scripting

#7. Learn R Programming

‍#8. Learn Swift

#9. Learn SQL

#10. Learn Jquery

#11. Learn Assembly 8086


While they made coding on mobile phone easy and fun, here are features that made them single choice for many for learning programming languages –

#1. Programming Courses: To make your learning more interesting, They created bite-sized and interactive courses which will help you learn programming like never before. It’s the best place to learn new concepts.

#2. Programming & Coding Examples: 5000+ programs in 100+ programming languages and counting, programming hub has one of the largest collection of pre-compiled programs with output for practice and learning.

#3. Compiler: The fastest compiler in the world on Android with support to compile and run over 20+ programming languages. 

Other Features To Improve Your Programming Learning Experience Includes

  1. Concept-based illustrations to easily learn to coding on mobile phone in a fun way 
  2. Interactive learning experience
  3. Periodic Updates with new programming examples and course content

#5 Termux

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically – additional packages are available using the APT package manager. Once you have installed your packages, like emacs, gcc, etc. you do not need a network connection to write, compile and execute your programs.It is one of the best app to do coding on mobile phone

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#6. Learn Web Development

Learn Web Development app is a mobile app you can use to start coding on mobile phone. 

You will learn front-end technologies- HTML, Javascript, CSS to become a web developer

Want to learn web development technologies such as Javascript, HTML, HTML Advanced, CSS or want to build your own website using these front-end technologies? This app is the right choice for you to learn that and start coding on mobile phone and development a professional looking website.

Learn Web Development: Tutorials & Courses is a single app that helps you learn web development technologies by taking the courses curated by the best of content creators. All the content on this programming learning app has been curated by experts in the field of software engineering. If you’re preparing for a javascript interview or examination or want to brush up your skills with advanced HTML, this is the only app that you’ll ever need and it will give you fun experience coding on mobile phone.

This is a must have coding on mobile phone app for anyone who is looking to master frontend web development. Want to build beautiful websites using HTML/CSS? You can find fun and bite-sized lessons on this app to make learning fun.

Course Content

#1. Learn HTML from scratch to advanced

#2. Build your own website

#3. HTML Tags, Webpages, Attributes

#4. Objects, Strings, DOM in JS

#5. Custom Style Sheets (CSS)

#6. Web Design & Development

Why Choose this app?

There are numerous reasons why this Web Development Tutorial app is the best choice to help you learn Web Development with HTML/JS/CSS.

#1.  Fun bite-sized course content

#2. Audio Annotations (Text-to-Speech)

#3. Store your course progress

#4. Course Content created by Google Experts

#5. Get Certification in Web Development Course

#6. Backed by the most popular “Programming Hub” app

#7. Easy to do coding on mobile phone

Whether you’re preparing for a software examination or preparing for a job interview in javascript, html, css, this is the only tutorial app you’ll ever need to prepare yourself for the interview questions or examination questions. You can practice coding and programming examples on this fun programming learning app.

Programming Hub is a premium learning app that is backed by Google’s Experts. Programming Hub offers research backed combination of Kolb’s learning technique + insights from experts which ensures you learn thoroughly. For more details, visit us on


#7. Mobile C [C/C++ Compiler]

Mobile C is great app to Learn programming and start coding on mobile phone. 

Learn programming ( coding ) on your mobile devices.

No internet connection is required to run code.

Supported Programming Languages 

  • C
  • C++ 11
  • Python 3
  • Javascript ( Duktape )
  • Luca
  • LLVM Assembly
  • OpenGL ES 2 GLSL

 Supported APIs 

  • Standard C Library, POSIX
  • OpenGL ES 2.0, BSD Socket, pthread
  • Clang, LLVM, libc++, Duktape, Lua, libjson
  • SQLite3, SQLiteCpp, cURL, libGit2, Python3
  • zLib, libPNG, libJPEG, FreeType, MiniZip
  • APR, APRUtil, iconv, Expat, PCRE2, Apache Serf
  • Lua, OpenSSL, Apache Subversion
  • android/sensor.h


  • C/C++ auto complete.
  • C/C++ syntax diagnostic.
  • C/C++ jump to declaration/macro symbol/header.
  • Built-in Terminal/Shell. 


You can also do coding on mobile phone by using some websites like:


W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online.It is good to learn coding on mobile phone.

W3Schools was Initially released in 1998, it derives its name from the World Wide Web but is not affiliated with the W3 Consortium. W3Schools offers courses covering all aspects of web development.  W3Schools also publishes free HTML templates. It is run by Refsnes Data in Norway. It has an online text editor called TryIt Editor, and readers can edit examples and run the code in a test environment.

On the site, source code examples with explanations are shown free of charge in English, most of which can also be edited and executed interactively in a live editor. Other important code elements are hidden so that the user can focus on the code shown (developer sandbox). 

The tutorials are divided into individual chapters on the development languages. In addition to the basics, application-related implementation options and examples, as well as a focus on individual elements of the programming language (so-called “references”) are documented. In addition, there is a YouTube channel, which takes up and explains certain topics in web development, and an Internet forum. The languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, AngularJS, SQL, Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery, XQuery, Ajax, and XML are supported.

MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is another platform were one can lead coding on mobile phone.

MDN Web Docs, previously Mozilla Developer Network and formerly Mozilla Developer Center, is a documentation repository and learning resource for web developers. It was started by Mozilla in 2005 as a unified place for documentation about open web standards, Mozilla’s own projects, and developer guides.

MDN Web Docs content is maintained by Mozilla, Google employees, and volunteers (community of developers and technical writers). It also contains content contributed by Microsoft, Google, and Samsung who, in 2017, announced they would shut down their own documentation projects and move all their documentation to MDN Web Docs

 Topics include HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Django, Node.js, WebExtensions, MathML, and others.

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