Self confidence: 5 Proven tips to boost yourself confidence

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The truth is, we are all seeking confidence. To boost yourself confidence can be very important especially if you are someone who have ever lacked self confidence, felt insecure or had moment of uncertainty or instability this article is for you. The people that we read about and admire, Musk, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, they all have one thing in common. They have extremely high self confidence. Having a good self confidence will help you become more successful in your personal and professional life. So after reading things article I believe you will learn some tips to boost yourself confidence.

What Is Self Confidence?

Self confidence is a feeling of trust in your abilities and qualities. The belief that you are valuable, worthwhile and capable which is also known as self esteem, adding optimism that comes when your are certain with your abilities and then empowered by this, act courageously to face a challenge ahead on. This is confidence. It turns thoughts into action.


Where does self confidence come from?

There are several factors that impact self confidence

  1. What you are born with such as your genes which will impact things such as the balance of OXTR chemicals in your brain
  2. How you are treated. This includes the social pressures of your environment
  3. The parts you have control of over. The choices you make, the risks you take and how you think about and respond to challenges and setbacks. It is impossible to completely untangle these three factors. But the personal choices we make certainly plays a major role in developing our self confidence.

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So by keeping in mind a few practical tips, you will have the power to boost yourself confidence.

Proven tips to boost yourself confidence

  1. Try A Quick Fix: There are few tricks that can give you an immediate confidence boost in a short term. Picture your success when you are beginning a difficult task.
  2. Believe In Your Ability To Improve: If you are looking for a positive change, consider the way you think about your abilities and talents. Do you think that they are fixed at birth or that they can be developed by muscle? This believes matter because they can influence how you act when you are face with setback. If you have a fix mindset, meaning you think that your talent are locked in place. You might give up assuming that you discovered something you are not good at. But if you have a growth mindset and think that your abilities can improve, a challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. Neuron cells supports the growth mindset, the connections of your brain due get stronger and grow with study and practice. It also turns out on that average people who have a growth mindset are more successful getting better grades and doing better in the face of challenges
  3. Conquer Their Past: The first thing that confident people do is that they work through their past. Often our anxiety and insecurity comes not from where we are now but what we have been through before. We think that what we went through is something we deserve or we feel that what we went through defines who we are today and that makes us feel lack of confidence. Confident people however don’t let their pass live as it is. They try to make sense of it; they try to learn how they can navigate through those past experiences and see how they can be effective. I really want to share with you a really practical activity you can do. What are the gifts that you received from your parents? What are the skills? What are the qualities? What are the abilities that you gained from their parenting? When you realize that you are already re-affirming the definition as you learn to assure yourself and become confident about the abilities and qualities you have, you are creating confidence. Now I also want you to reflect on what you believe are the gaps you may have received from your background. What are the errors of your life that you feeling missed out or that makes you feel insecure? When you understand that, you start to recognize that isn’t a gapping you. It is a gap or a hole in your experience. Now remember that you can always improve your experience, you can always improve yourself, but first you have to conquer the past by trying to understand it.
  4. Construct A High Value Skill: The second way to develop confidence is to construct a high value skill. When we have a high value skill, we learn to value ourselves and we don’t let other people dictate our value. A lot of time, we don’t become confident because don’t feel we have something to offer. But here is the thing. Each and every person has a genius and has unique potential. But we have to turn that potential into an expertise through practice.  As soon you learn high valued skill, you will start to develop some confidence. Young people, mostly struggle because they feel like a generalist. They feel like they are okay at everything. When we can actually focus on mastery and develop more confidence. When you focus on mastery a particular skill you will overcome a lot of challenges . Your skill could be anything, marketing, photography, acting, Web designing, engineering, videography, singing, the list goes on. I want you to schedule your next four weekends to be experimenting with the new skills or a new class or workshop. Then base on that I want you decide which one you may want to turn into a high valued skill. The more you experience the more you explore, the more you allow yourself to be expose to, the more likely you going to find something that you may want to turn into expertise.
  5. Practice Failure: Know it clear that you are going to fail sometimes, everyone does. J.k. Rowling was rejected by 12 different publishers before one picked up Harry Potter. Study shows, that those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way than people who never fail, even when things are not working they keep persisting instead of trying a new strategy. They learn how to try different strategies. So think of a challenge you would like to take on, realize that it will not be easy, accept that you will make mistakes and be kind to yourself when you do, encourage yourself and go for it. The excitement you will feel knowing that no matter the result that you will gain knowledge and understanding. This is self confidence


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